The work of the Department of Preventive Medicine has never been more pressing, as the world faces new global pandemics and society strives to provide equitable access to quality healthcare.

Faculty in the department are dedicated to understanding and improving the lives of individuals and communities—locally, nationally and internationally—through groundbreaking research into the causes and consequences of various diseases, environments, and behaviors. Through multidisciplinary research and education in six divisions, the department’s faculty design and deliver effective policies and programs to improve and protect public health. Learn more about the divisions below.

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The Division of Biostatistics offers degrees in biostatistics, epidemiology, public health data science and molecular epidemiology, and is home to researchers working on ground-breaking studies in this evolving field.

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The Division of Disease Prevention, Policy and Global Health has a broad mission incorporating research, service and teaching. Faculty are active at the local, state, national and global levels to influence factors that improve the health of populations.

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The Division of Environmental Health in USC’s Department of Preventive Medicine works to understand the associations, connections, and impacts of environmental exposures on human health. The division devotes resources to constituent characterization (measuring and monitoring what we may be exposed to) and translational research (how to effectively communicate and apply the scientific information gathered by us and others).

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