Environmental Health

The Division of Environmental Health in USC’s Department of Preventive Medicine works to understand the associations, connections, and impacts of environmental exposures on human health. The division devotes resources to constituent characterization (measuring and monitoring what we may be exposed to) and translational research (how to effectively communicate and apply the scientific information gathered by us and others).

Edward Avol, M.S.

Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine
Division Chief, Environmental Health


Our faculty includes physicians, physicists, engineers, statisticians, educators, chemists, toxicologists, and behavioral neuroscientists.


Our teaching efforts provide post-doctoral and early-career researchers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, with the skills and tools needed to make independent and collective contributions to advancing health research and improving community and personal health.


Our research orientation considers the impacts of environmental exposures on multiple organ systems within the body, from the lungs to the heart to the brain, from respiratory to cardiovascular to metabolic to neurological. Our focus on population-based epidemiology allows us to consider important time windows across the life stage – from prenatal through our senior years.