Preventive Medicine Communications

Use the information on this page to assist your communications needs.

Please note our department’s primary contact for media relations and university communications:

Leigh Hopper
Media Relations Specialist
University Communications
Tel: (213) 740-5277

For all other Department of Preventive Medicine communications questions that aren’t addressed on this page, please contact us.

If you are seeking assistance in promoting something to the media, or would like assistance if a journalist reaches out to you, contact our media relations specialist (information at the top of this page).



Join USC’s expert directory or update your profile.

Story Ideas & Suggestions

Do you have a story idea? Speak to our media relations representative.

Faculty, Student, Staff or Alumni
Nominate an exemplary Trojan for a My USC Story profile. 

Award or Honor
Contact our media relations representative.

Research Finding or Trend
Contact our media relations representative.

Book or Other Publication
Please submit to the department portal.

Please see the information in the Public Events Promotion section below. If you want to submit your post-event writeup and photos to the department portal. For major events involving public figures, contact our media relations representative. 


USC’s central media relations team generally does not cover grant awards. Journalists are more interested in research findings. However, if your award is more than $15 million, email Otherwise, submit to the department portal.

New Center, Hire, Leadership or Rebrand

Submit to department portal.

Degree and university rankings and trends

Submit to department portal.


Note: Imagery is vital to every story you submit. Please read USC’s imagery guidelines and ensure you provide interesting and high quality visuals to accompany your story.

Style Guide

Please refer to Editorial Style Guide for Keck Medicine of USC and the Keck School of Medicine of USC to ensure your writing is consistent and to USC standards.

Where to list your events:

The primary places to list your events for USC audiences include the USC calendar system and the Keck School of Medicine calendar system. See below for more info on both, as well as recommendations.

USC & Department of Preventive Medicine Calendars

Our department calendar on USC’s public events calendar system provides a central place to advertise public events to a wider community, as well as some additional features. This calendar displays at as well as our homepage, News & Events page and the Soto 1 lobby television, and can be customized to display on various websites. Please see the information below to learn how to use this calendar to promote your public events.


Check USC’s event guidelines make sure your event is the right fit for the calendar.

Archiving & RSVPs

The Department of Preventive Medicine Calendar cannot collect or manage RSVPs or be relied upon as a comprehensive event archive. If you are collecting RSVPs for your event, consider using a third-party tool like Google Forms or Office Forms — or your own website system, if it has a form-building function. Our recommended process for archiving events and collecting RSVPs is to use your own website and to continue to submit to our department calendar to promote your events to reach a broader audience.

Submit Your Event

  1. Log into your USC NetID account to access the event submission form
  2. Follow these steps to submit your event.
  3. Important: Select “Preventive Medicine” in the department section to ensure your event gets added to our calendar.

The submitted event will be reviewed by our department calendar administrator. If your event doesn’t appear on the calendar within 48 hours, please email phs@usc.ed and let us know.

Additional Features:

Get your own calendar: If your group hosts enough unique events per semester to qualify for your own “department” calendar, you can request one; however, please note that you will be responsible for managing that calendar and approving submitted events. A recommended approach would be to set up a tag for your group on our existing Department of Preventive Medicine calendar, which will allow you customize your own calendar widget for your website to display only your events. This approach will also feed your events into our automated events emails.

If you do create your own department calendar, please let us know at so we can include it in our system to display on our website, Soto 1 TV display, etc.

Steps to create a custom calendar widget:

  1. Request a Tag: Please email us at with a suggested one-word “tag” descriptive of your group. We will tell the USC Calendar team to add it to their system, and add it to our records as well. If you aren’t sure if your group already has a tag in place, please ask us to avoid creating a duplicate tag.
  2. Build your calendar: After you hear from us about having established your tag, please view the widget builder to build your custom calendar using these settings:
    1. Departments: Select “Preventive Medicine” (if you are collaborating with another group that has their own calendar, you can select another one to display events from both—or more).
    2. Keywords and Tags: Add the tag we provided you.
    3. Generate the widget code and embed it where desired on your website!
  3. When you submit events: When you are ready to start submitting events for your group (at this link), be sure the description of the event clearly states the name of your group somewhere. This will ensure our calendar admin adds the correct tag for your group so it will appear on your calendar.

Preventive Medicine Calendar Tags


Subscribe: If you want the department’s public events to be automatically added to your own personal calendar system, please use the following links:

  • Google Calendar:
  • iCal:
  • webcal://
  • Outlook:
  • webcal://
  • RSS:

Add select events to your personal calendar: To quickly add an event you see on our calendar to your own calendar, visit the event link on the calendar and click one of the icons representing Google, iCal, Outlook and RSS calendars.

Keck Events Promotion

To contribute calendar items for and for potential inclusion in the weekly Keck School of Medicine News and Notes, as well as research events, emails, click here.


If you create a flyer, you may post it in the mounted plastic casings in and outside of the SSB elevators. Please do not tape them to any walls. You may also pin them to any public bulletin boards in SSB and around campus.

Social Media
  • USC does not generally share event notices. However, if your Department of Preventive Medicine group is hosting a public event, please please tag any of our Public Health Sciences accounts and we will share to our channels.
  • You may also add us as a co-host to your Facebook Event so it appears on our Facebook calendar.
  • Be sure to tag anyone involved (speakers, the speakers’ organizations, co-hosts, etc.) in your event on social media when posting about the event, and follow up with them asking them to share the posts they have been tagged in.
Room Reservations

If you need to schedule a space for your event, please see these links:


Read USC Communications Council’s advice about planning and promoting events (login required). In addition, here are some tips to reach a larger number of people about your event:

  • Add your event to our calendar (see steps above) on USC’s central calendar system.
  • List your event on the Keck Calendar (see above), which feeds to Keck website, and Keck News and Notes and Research Events emails.)
  • To promote events to faculty and staff, email the employee gateway:
  • Are you hoping to get media coverage for the event (or are you already working with media)? If a non-science audience would understand the speakers and if the talking points are applicable to the general public, contact our media relations specialist (see above section on media relations for more information).
  • Email student groups at USC.
  • Ask for your event to be included in the Graduate Student Government and Undergraduate Student Government update emails.
  • Tag any relevant organizations in your social media posts. If you tag our department’s social media channels (see below), we will do our best to share to our followers.

Download the Keck wordmark and logotypes, and access graphic identity policies and guidance, at

For questions regarding logo usage or graphic standards for Keck Medicine of USC, please email:

Learn more about USC’s policies on USC’s identity website.

PowerPoint Template:

Download the Keck School of Medicine of USC PowerPoint template from this page:

Research Poster Templates:
Flyer Template

Coming soon!

Brochure Template

Coming soon!

Our website is managed by a core staff team within the Department of Preventive Medicine. More information on website services and support coming soon. 

Build a free website

Sites at USC is a high-quality, self-service option for building, hosting, and maintaining public websites at no cost. Learn more: Please email us at if you go this route so we can include your website and social media in our department directory.

If your website needs exceed that of Sites at USC and you have the staffing and/or funding to support this request, please email us at

See the directory for social media accounts related to the USC Department of Preventive Medicine. To request your account(s) be added or removed from that page and our Twitter lists, please email

Please refer to USC’s social media guidelines:

More information coming soon.

The Preventive Medicine Soto Studio at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has become an integral part of the USC Health Sciences Campus. Since October 2012, it has developed a model approach in distance education. Soto Studio is also used by the Southern California Clinical and Translation Science Institute (SC CTSI) and various departments across USC to produce video lectures that enable a flipped classroom teaching style by delivering instructional content outside of the classroom and using class time to explore topics in greater depth and with meaningful learning opportunities.

To learn more about the studio and its services, visit

More information about the department’s photography and video services is coming soon.


See USC YouTube video production guidelines and information about how to request your videos’ inclusion on USC’S channel:

Please also email us at so we can add your video(s) either to our department’s YouTube channel or playlists. 


Our department manages a Flickr account, which you may search at this link to find photos related to our faculty, students and programs:

Please let us know if you have a Flickr account or other photo repository that we may advertise on our directory.

Questions? Issues?

Please email us at