Professor Edward Avol, MS discusses air pollution in Los Angeles with BBC Radio 5 Live

Clinical preventive medicine professor Edward Avol, MS discusses the long-term implications of air pollution in Los Angeles with BBC Radio 5 Live.
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Edward Avol, MS

BBC Radio 5 Live’s “Up All Night” September 4th, 2019 episode featured an interview with Edward Avol, MS, professor of clinical preventive medicine and environmental health division chief with the Department of Preventive Medicine and USC Environmental Health Centers. In this podcast, professor Avol discusses the wider implications and long-term effects of air pollution in Los Angeles. “It was very obvious what was happening short term; if you went outside and exercised, you’d be coughing and your eyes might start burning in just a few moments,” he said. “People thought, ‘If these are the short-term effects, what might happen in the long term to us?’