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Master of Public Health student published as part of The Medical Care Blog’s School Health Policy Series


The National School Lunch Program serves approximately 30 million children per year, but while the program prevents many children from going hungry, advocates are calling for certain practices to be revisited.

Sarina Patel, MPH candidate. Photo courtesy Sarina Patel.
Sarina Patel, MPH candidate. Photo courtesy Sarina Patel.

Sarina Patel is a graduate student in the Master of Public Health program. She previously acquired her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention with a minor in Health Administration at USC. Her education sparked her interest in both quality improvement and program evaluation. In addition to being a student, she is currently a quality improvement specialist and aims to provide effective, low-cost and quality care specifically to minority and vulnerable populations.

Sarina is a student ambassador to the Master of Public Health program.

Master of Public Health student published on American Public Health Association sponsored blog

high school football game

California is the only U.S. state that does not regulate athletic trainers, professionals commonly employed by public high schools in other states to help prevent young athletes from getting injured.

Fareed Dibazar, MPH candidate
Fareed Dibazar, MPH candidate. Photo courtesy Fareed Dibazar.

Fareed Dibazar, a second-year student in USC’s Master of Public Health program, delves into this issue and the ensuing conflict over school health care mandates in the School Health Policy Series on The Medical Care Blog, the official blog of the peer-reviewed journal Medical Care, sponsored by the Medical Care Section of the American Public Health Association.

Follow Fareed on Twitter @fdibazar and Instagram @dibazarfareed. Fareed is a member of the Master of Public Health Student Association.